Fine and Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts

Certificate in Vocational Education

1. Fine Arts  Fine Arts

2. Design  Design

3. Arts & Crafts  Arts & Crafts

4. Ceramics  Ceramics

5. Ornamental Arts and Crafts  Ornamental Arts and Crafts

6. Photography and Video Production  Photography and Video Production

7. Arts Tecnology  Arts Tecnology

8. Computer Graphics Arts  Computer Graphics Arts  Multimedia  Animation

9. Leather Industry  Leather Industry

10. Jewelry  Jewelry  Gem Cutting Technology

11. Royal Goldsmith  Royal Goldsmith

12. Musics  Musics  Music for Multimedia & Acting

Diploma in Vocational Education

1. Fine Arts  Painting  Thai Classical Painting  Sculpture  Thai Classical Sculpture  Prints  Fine Arts

2. Design  Visual Communication Design  Industrial Product Design  Interior Decoration Design  Fashion Design

3. Arts and Crafts  Leather Techniques  Earthenware Techniques  Casting Techniques  Printing and Dyeing Techniques

   Woodworking Techniques  Metal Ornament techniquesLacquerware Techniques  Weaving Techniques

4. Pottery Technology  Technology for Pottery Technology  Arts of Pottery Technology

5. Arts and Crafts in Metal Ornaments and Decorations  Metal Ornaments and Decorations

6. Photography and Video Technology  Arts of Photography  Photography for Advertising  Video Production  Photography and Printing

7. Arts Technology  Arts Technology  Screen Printing

8. Computer Graphics  Computer Graphics and Arts  Computer Multimedia  Computer and Information Technology

9. Leather Industry and leather Product  Technology Footwear Leather Industry Leather Bags Industry Arts and Leatherwear

   Products and Furniture Lining  Technology  Tents and Camping Equipment  Technology

10. Jewelry Design Jewelry Design  Jewelry Ornament Design  Jewelry Making for Decoration

11. Jewelry Design  Jewelry Design

12. Analysis and Quality Control of Gems  and Jewelry  Analysis and Quality Control of  Gems and Jewelry

13. Techniques for Jewelry Machines  Production and Repair Work for  Jewelry  Machines

14. Jewelry Making and Casting Techniques  Techniques for Prototyping Jewelry  Model  Jewelry Casting Techniques

      Techniques for Prototyping jewelry  Model and Casting

15. Royal Goldsmith  Royal Goldsmith

16. Dental Technician  Techniques for Dental Technician