Commerce/Business Administration

Commerce/Business Administration

Commerce/Business Administration

Certificate in Vocational Education

1. Accounting  Accounting

2. Marketing  Marketing

3. Secretarial Studies  Secretarial Studies

4. Business Computer  Business Computer

5. Medical Business  Medical Business

6. Public Relations  Public Relations

7. Retail Business  General Retail Business  Convenience Store Retail Business  Department Store Retail Business

     Supercenter Retail Business   Supermarket Retail Business   Specialty Product Retail Business  Service Business

     Retail Restaurants Business

8. International Languages  International Languages

Diploma in Vocational Education

1. Accounting  Accounting  Computer for Accounting

2. Marketing  Marketing  Rice Business

3. Secretary  Secretary

4. Business Computer  Program Development  Webpage Development  Office Technology  Computer Graphics

5. Finance and Banking  Finance in the Government and  Private Sectors  Finance for the Self-employed

6. International Business and Trading  International Business and Trading

7. Human Resource Development  Human Resource Development

8. Insurance Business  Insurance Business

9. Medical Clinic Business  Medical Clinic Business

10. Advertising and Public RelationsAdvertising  Public Relations

11. Retail Business  General Retail Business  Convenience Store Business  Department Store Business

     Super Center Business  Super Market Business  Retail Business of Particular Products  Services Business

     Food Shop and Restaurant Business

12. Foreign Languages for Business  English  Chinese  Japanese  French  German

13. Product Management  Product Management

14. Logistics Management  Transportation Management  Warehouse Management  Shipping Management

15. General Management  General Management

16. Office Management  Office Management

17. Electronic Commerce  Electronic Commerce

18. Event Organizer Management  Event Organizer Management