Industry Program

Industry Program

Industry Program

Certifi cate in Vocational Education

1. Mechanics   Automotive   Industrial Mechanics   Marine Mechanics   Agricultural Mechanics

   Automotive Body and Painting

2. Machine Tools Technology   Machine Tools   Metal Die   Plastic Mold   Auto Parts Manufacturing

3. Welding   Production Work   Structure Work   Bus Body Making Industry

4. Electrical Power   Electrical Power

5. Electronics   Electronics

6. Construction   Construction

7. Furniture and Interior Design   Furniture and Interior Design

8. Architecture   Architecture

9. Survey   Survey

10. Machanical Drawing   Machanical Drawing

11. Maintenance   Maintenance   Printing

13. Opticianry and Lens   Opticianry and Lens

14. Shipbuilding   Boatbuilding Steel Assembly   Wood and Fiberglass   Ship Achitecture Boatbuilding

15. Telecommunication   Telecommunication

16. Civil Construction   Civil Construction

17. Rubber Product Industry   Rubber Product Industry

18. Mechatronics   Mechatronics

Diploma in Vocational Education

1. Mechanics   vehicle techniques   industrial mechanical techniques   ship mechanical techniques

    agricultural mechanical techniques   merchant marine mechanical   techniques   vehicle body and casting

     mechanical maintenance   electricity generation   environmental technology

2. Production techniques   machineries   clamp tools   metal molding   plastic molding

    agricultural mechanical techniques   environmental technology

3. Metal techniques   industrial welding techniques   metal welding techniques   industrial pipes techniques

    coachwork technology industry   environmental technology

4. Electric power   electrical machines   electricity installation   Chilling and air conditioning   industrial measurement

    Building systems technician   electricity supply and equipment   maintenance  

    Cleaning and maintenance of electricaland electronic machines   Industrial electricity generation   technology

5. Electronics   industrial electronics   computer techniques   telecommunication system   audiovisual system

6. Construction   construction techniques   construction supervision techniques

7. Home furnishing industry and interior   decoration   Home furnishing industry   interior decoration and design   interior decoration

8. Architecture techniques   architecture techniques

9. Survey   survey work

10. Mechanical drawing   production design and drawing   environmental technology

11. Industrial techniques   installation and maintenance work   production industry   rubber and plastic industry

     footwear industrial technology   rice industrial technology   cassava industrial technology 

     logistics industrial technologypalm oil industry   vehicle production administration   

     techniques   electricity generation operation work   environmental technology

12. Printing   Printing  

13. Eye glasses and lens techniqueseye glasses and lens techniques

14. Ship building industry   ship building industry

15. Casting techniques   casting techniques

16. Telecommunication techniques   telephone system   outside plant network   information 

       communication andnetworkradio communication system

17. Measurement and control    measurement and control technology   petroleum technology gas  technology

     metrology   petroleum exploration technology   environmental technology

18. Civil   civil work

19. Rubber and polymer technology   rubber and polymer technology

20. Chemical industry   chemical industry

21. Petrochemicals   petrochemicals

22. Mining engineering technology   mining engineering technology

23. Mechatronics   Mechatronics

24. Computer technology   computer hardware   computer software   network and information system   multimedia computer

25. Environmental engineering techniques   environmental engineering techniques

26. Disaster relief and prevention   firefighting and prevention