Certificate in Vocational Education


Agriculture  Plant Sciences Animal Sciences  Farm Mechanics Agro-Industry  Aguaculture Production

Diploma in Vocational Education

1. Agriculture  Agricultural work

2. Plant Science  Field crop  Horticultural crop  orchid production technology  golf course management and maintenance

3. Animal Science  animal production management  animal food

4. Veterinary Assistance Veterinary care

5. Agricultural Mechanics  agricultural mechanics rice mill technology

6. Agriculture business and cooperative agriculture business cooperative

7. Agriculture industry plant production animal production

8. Herbal technology herbal technology

9. Mulberry planting and silk worm feeding technology mulberry planting and silk worm feeding technology

10. Post harvesting management post harvesting management

11. Landscape technology landscape technology

12. Environmental technology environmental technology

13. Industrial Agriculture rice technology sugar cane technology cassava technology rubber technology

      palm oil technology Technology of Fruits